Planet of the Apes lego-imitation action figures!
2001 Planet of the Apes movie website
2001 Planet of the Apes quicktime trailers
the USAF chimps, "save the chimps" foundation
chimp haven, the sanctuary for retired chimps
Jane "Big Mama" Goodall's web site
Koko is aware
any mention of simians on the Simpsons [ed. note: wow!]
super monkey collider loses funding (thank Hanuman!)
Scientists teach chimpanzee to speak
Web camera

monkey related web design:

Smoking monkey
Monkey Media
Angry Monkey
Smart Monkey
Funky Monkey
web monkey (god i hate wired)
spaceapes web developers i have no idea what this is, but i bet they hate the folks who have i for one could care less, since everybody knows that "ape-o-naut" is the correct term


Army Jupiter AM-18 Redstone Mission tribute site
JAVA satellite tracking
US Biomedical Space Research Timeline
terraserver satellite images of the earth
IKONOS satellite images of the earth

totally unrelated:

US Patent #4,666,425
askjesus processed ape-o-naut homepage
the world rps society
the official 5.25" disk sleeve archive
museum of dirt
assassinations foretold in moby dick
bert is evil
stick figure death theatre
the trepanation trust
guide to doing evil science right