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welcome to the website of the royal order of the ape-o-naut
[since 1996]

you can check out (the original) famous monkeys through history,
or say hello to our canopy dwellerstm,
we also have a pathetic excuse for a links page,
a cute mpeg of a young chimp,
crouching tiger badass monkey,
tips on changing your throbber to koko,
the real life story behind the movie "12 Monkeys",
a beginner's guide to non-verbal communication,
as karl the iceman and everyone sensible knows there's a ghost that can turn custard into wine
(if you can't get it to play, try using windows media player directly),
and, if you can find it,
as mentioned by Bart in the "Thirty Minutes over Tokyo" episode of the Simpsons (original air 5/16/99),
"I know a web site that shows monkeys doin' it" (not for children)

also, we recommend the horror of bushmeat exposed by the photography of Karl Ammann (not for children)

We now have an unofficial sponsor:
21st Amendment's Bitter American

The 50th anniversary of Able and Baker's flight on May 28, 1959.
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How would you feel if humans were on the verge of extinction?

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